Best IVF Centre in Hyderabad

Best IVF Centre in Hyderabad

Treat Endometriosis Before It's Too Late

Fertility is a major issue that af fects parenthood and lives of married couples. Jalaja is a 29 year-old woman who walked into the clinic in November, 2013 along with her husband. The couple was suffering from primary infertility . They were married for five years and had been trying hard to conceive for half a decade.

Before consulting the clinic, they had consulted three gynecologists without any success. When the earlier medical records were examined, she was found to be suffering from grade IV endometriosis. She had already undergone a laparoscopic surgery in the year 2013. But the problem recurred and an endometrial cyst measuring 5 mm that needed to be surgically removed immediately was detected. This was done through laparosco py again. But this time, to make sure the condition doesn't recur again, a three month injection dose of GnRH was prescribed.Along with this, two schedules of IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) treatment were also recommended. But this had to be halted due to lack of release of eggs or ovum.

It was found out that grade IV endometriosis and no egg release were the reasons behind the patient's infertility. The fertility experts suggested IVF and ICSI, and 6 eggs were extracted from the process. Out of these, four eggs were fertilised. In February 2015, 3 embryos were transferred and patient successfully conceived in the first cycle.

What exactly is Endometriosis?

It is a severe condition that affects fertility in women and is mostly observed in around 10 per cent of women across the world. It severely impacts the normal functioning of tubes, thereby affecting the release of eggs or ovum.For those suffering from endometriosis, treatment is very important. IVF has a success rate of 30-40 percent and administering GnRH injections before the process starts, is considered beneficial. And if one does not want the condition to deteriorate, he or she must follow the recommended doses without fail.

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