A ray of hope for couple with previous ivf failures
with advanced fertility treatment


Mrs. V aged 35yrs married to Mr. V aged 38yrs had approached for IVF treatment in the month of June 2018. The couple were distressed and very anxious as they already had 4 cycles of IVF outside with no result. A detailed history and examination was conducted. They were also counselled regarding the advanced fertility tests and treatments that are available (i.e.,) is ERA test, PGS & Laser Assisted Hatching.

In order to understand the possible reason for previous IVF failure, we have done Endometral reseptivity assessment and the report suggested day 5 Blastocyst transfer would be ideal for a successful out come. Husband was advised to undergo sperm DNA fragmentation to better understand the quality of sperm.

After a thorough work up the couple were given pre IVF medication for two months before planning for IVF ICSI cycle. In December 2018 IVF ICSI was done. 16 Oocytes retrived, 10 fertilized, 4 were grade I embryos. A fresh embryo transfer was done on day 5 (Blastocyst) patient was also given Immunotheraphy with suppostive medication as patient has history of recurrent IVF failures. Two weeks later pregnancy test done and patient had BHCG value of 968 IU confirmed pregnancy.

Recurrent implentation failure patient need to be handled with sensitivily and patience. They have to be investigated thoroughly to identify any possible reasons for failure. Pre work up includes advanced tests Suchos ERA test, sperm DNA fragmentation, Hysteroscopy are required where indicate in IVF ICSI procedure it is ideal to culture Embryos up to day 5 and plan pre implantation genetic testing to understand the genetic quality of embryos.

Post Embryo tranfer Imunotheraphy with Intralipids and Immunoglobutions will help in successful out come.

At surya fertility centre

Our team is dedicated clinicians and Embryologists are ever enthusiastic and motivated to help couple with recurrent implantation failures. Surya fertility centre is well equipped to handle patient with RIF. With availability of advanced treatment procedures like Laser Assisted Hatching, Pre Implantation Genetic testing, Endometral reseptivity assessment and sperm DNA fragmentation testing which are required in these couples.


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