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Embryo Preservation Treatment

As an individual at Female, we are doing the job to assist you get expecting a baby. Surya Fertility Centre offers you a number of alternatives in your frozen embryos, such as:

  • Extended storage (beyond the one-year period)

  • Thawing without the need of transferring

  • Donation for analysis that may be approved in the future

  • Keeping away from embryo abandonment

In case you have experienced in vitro fertilization  (IVF) at Female, Surya Fertility Centre offer you storage space for any unused frozen embryos for one year. Throughout this time, the embryos are your own and only you possibly can choose how to proceed along with them. In case you decide on to undertake a different frozen embryo transfer using these embryos, as an example, there is no requirement for another egg retrieval. Discuss with your fertility specialist about examining your embryos and preparing for a frozen embryo transfer.


The IVF Treatment consists of six ways which help you have a child. Section of that course of action is to consider about this prospect of freezing and storing unused embryos (those not transferred during your cycle). You should sign agreement forms in advance of you can start any stimulating hormones. These forms include things like information about what to do with any “extra” embryos.

Surya Fertility Centre have an understanding of this is an emotional time and you do not know how many eggs may be retrieved or fertilized to become embryos.

Phase 1:Prior to the treatment can take place, the people included will have to give approval:

    • In case you are using your own eggs and your partner’s sperm - you will both should give written agreement.


  • For those who are using  Donor Eggs or Sperm - both the donor and you or your partner (whoever provided the sperm or eggs) will have to give agreement.

Phase 2 : In advance of embryos are frozen, Surya Fertility Centre will screen both people(men and women) who provided the eggs and sperm used to generate the embryos for infectious diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C.

Phase 3 : Throughout treatment, the unused embryos are frozen and then stored in tanks of liquid nitrogen. A liquid named a cryoprotectant is added to secure the embryos during freezing.

Phase 4 : Not all embryos live freezing and thawing, so if you come to your next treatment cycle, Surya Fertility Centre may recommend you to acquire more embryos thawed than can be transferred

While in the standard freezing process, embryos are slowly frozen down to -196 degrees celcius.

An approach of embryo storage has become developed named as ‘vitrification’. This can bea fast freeze method – the embryo passes through instantaneous ‘glass-like’ solidification without the damaging formation of ice crystals (which will occur together with the conventional method of freezing)

It is also essential to understand as much as you can about the infection. Speaking with buddies, family members, and your fertility specialist can help