Best IVF Centre in Hyderabad

Best IVF Centre in Hyderabad

Diagnose blocks in the fallopian tube with success

Blocked fallopian tubes affects approximately 25 per cent of women causing infertility . The fallopian tubes allow an egg to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. Fertilisation occurs in the fallopian tubes; therefore, the sperm must be able to enter the fallopian tubes. A blockage or structural damage to the fallopian tubes could significantly impact each of these processes and could also increase a women's risk of ectopic pregnancy or tubal blockage. Previous surgery within the pelvis can result in scar tissue formation that may impact the fallopian tubes' ability to pick up the egg. Endometriosis, often associated with painful menstrual cycle and infertility , can also cause scar tissue involving fallopian tubes


Hysterosalpingogram can be done to diagnose a block in the tubes, which is an x-ray examination where a small amount of a special dye is injected through a small catheter into the womb. If the fallopian tubes are open, the dye flows into the tubes and then spills out into the abdominal cavity . This can be seen through the x-rays captured when this examination is performed.Dr Sunitha Ilinani Laparoscopy and tubal dye tests are surgical procedures done under anaesthesia for women with a greater risk of tubal damage or problem with the tubes. The most appropriate treatment depends on several factors including the degree of tubal damage, the age of the female partner and whether there are other fertility problems (male or female). With increasing success rates of IVF, fewer women are now recommended tubal surgery . Furthermore, tubal surgery cannot restore the tube to its pre-damaged condition.

Significantly damaged fallopian tubes cannot be corrected surgically and may need to be ligated or removed prior to IVF, otherwise it can impact the IVF success.Women in reproductive age group should get themselves screened and treated for STDS to prevent pelvis infections and subsequently tubal infertility. Pelvic tuberculosis can also result in tubal blockage, while women with tuberculosis should consult a gynaecologist to ensure that their tubes are healthy! For appointment and further queries, contact Dr Sunitha Ilinani, medical director, Surya Fertility Centre.

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