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Diabetes Can Hamper Parental Bliss

Dr Sunitha Ilinani or a woman to be diagnosed with inferF tility, she should have tried to and failed to conceive even after one year of unprotected intercourse. However, if she is 35 or older, the evaluation begins after six months of trying unsuccessfully to conceive. If a couple has an obvious medical problem affecting their ability to conceive, such as absence of periods (amenorrhea), sexual dysfunction, a history of pelvic disease, or prior surgery , they should begin the infertility evaluation immediately

Conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes are also more common in women who conceive after age 35. So special monitoring and testing may be recommended during pregnancy for these women. Preconception counselling is often beneficial as well. The problem of diabetes has increased manifold in the current era due to lifestyle changes and other conditions. Women who are married and planning to conceive, especially those who are diagnosed with diabetes after conceiving, should consult their endocrinologist and gynaecologist without fail.

More and more women are being diagnosed with diabetes especially among the younger age group. The blood sugar levels should be under control before conception, failing which there may be many problems experi enced that would affect the child. The baby may face complications related to spinal cord, brain development, congenital anoma lies in heart and it would also affect the overall growth of baby and its health after birth.

There is more risk of miscarriage due to uncontrolled sugar level in pregnant women.

And also, infertility chances are more if the , blood sugar is not under control. Therefore, for healthy child birth, women should consu lt experts and gynaecologists before planning a pregnancy . Men who are diabetic should also take care of their blood sugar levels, else it can cause erectile dysfunction. It also affects the quality of sperm, sperm count and may also damage the DNA material in the sperm, leading to congenital defects in the child.

Couple seeking infertility treatment, with family history of diabetes, should get their blood sugar level checked. And if diagnosed, they need control their blood sugar before starting their fertility treatment.

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