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Patient Information On IVF Procedure

1) First Consultation

  • Detailed History

  • Physical Examination Trans vaginal USG of female partner

  • Semen analysis/semen culture.

2) Baseline investigations :

  • D2/D3 – FSH, LH,TSH,PRL

  • Routine blood test

3) Hysteroscopy :

  • D5-D11 of mentored cycle it is important to have an assessment of uterine cavity.

4) Day – 21  (Day of lupride injection) :on 21  of menses lupride is  started.

  • Lupride is taken as a subcutaneous injection the day 21 of menstrual cycle or  4 , 5 days prior to stopping of oc pills till day of HCG

  • Mock transfer Prior of the embryo transfer trial embryo transfer is done Performing a trial ( mock or dummy ET before the actual transfer has been suggested in an effort to increase the pregnancy and implantation rates.

    You will have to come for Ultrasound, Hormonal tests.

D2/D3 – control ovarian stimulation :

Fertility injection are started in the early menstrual cycle during the “follicular phase”   dosage  is  adjusted  according to the  blood   tests  (estrogen levels) and ovarian ultrasound.

Oocyte retrieval :

  • The procedure done to remove the eggs from the ovaries is referred to as oocyte retrieval.

  • Approximately 10-12 day after starting the injections occyte retrival is done.   

  • It is  done using ultrasound guidance. You will be given anesthesia. Can go home after 1 hour. 

After OCR :

Intra muscular injection progesterone begun from the day of OCR and continue through  10 th week of pregnancy.

Medrol :

After OCR the steroid hormone should be taken for 5 days.

Embryo transfer :

The procedure to place the embryos in to the uterus is referred to as the embryo transfer. It is done 48-72hr after egg retrieval patient can go home after  1 hour after embryo transfer. Complete rest is mandatory for  3 days after embryo transfer pregnancy test is done 2 weeks later.